What is a SmartKey? One Key to Manage Multiple Wallets

A SmartKey is an Ethos service which lets users create a single key for all of their cryptocurrency wallets. The underlying technology is from a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal – or BIP – commonly known as BIP32.

Using BIP32, a single 256- bit seed (or small piece of data) can encrypt information for multiple wallets addresses across multiple blockchains. Even better, these wallets can be nested like a folder structure. This is known as Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets, and is an enormously powerful mathematical structure.

Ethos integrated this technology into what is called a SmartKey. This means consumers can have the convenience of a single key that is represented by a 24-word phrase that can secure all of their wallets. While this might sound mind-boggling, there are estimated to be a billion possible SmartKeys for every atom on planet Earth, so you can rest easy knowing that your key is yours alone. Your SmartKey will never touch the internet and is not stored by Ethos.

Your SmartKey lets you take unprecedented control of your assets and lays the foundation for an open, safe and fair financial ecosystem for everyone.

Does Ethos have a Copy of my Private Keys?

No, Ethos does not have a copy of your private keys.

Biometric Authentication and Pin

In order to send coins from your wallet, you are required to input your PIN and optionally use an additional layer of biometric authentication (like FaceID or fingerprint). We highly recommend implementing biometric authentication if your device permits it.

Recovering Your Password & Account

Uh-oh… so you created an account but forgot your Username or Password? No problem! We’ve got your back.

When you open the Ethos app, simply tap ‘Forgot Password’ or ‘Forgot Username’ below the ‘Sign In’ button and you will be able to recover your username or reset your password.

If you do not receive an email from Ethos within 5 minutes of trying to reset your username, your username was not associated with that email address. If you need further assistance, please contact us by creating a ticket.