How to buy crypto with Simplex in the Universal Wallet

  1. Navigate to the SmartWallet you want the crypto to be deposited on.
  2. Press the yellow "BUY CRYPTO $" button, beneath the left corner of the wallet card.
  3. Select the coin you want to buy and insert either the amount of USD you want to spend at the top or the amount of coins you want to buy at the bottom and press next.
  4. Check all the transaction details and press "Go To Checkout"
  5. Fill out your details and press "Continue"
  6. A verification email will be send to the email address just entered, verify that to continue
  7. A verification code will be send to your phone, verify that to continue
  8. Once both verified, press "Continue"
  9. Enter your payment details and press "Pay Now"
  10. Once everything has been accepted and approved, the coins will be deposited into you wallet!

To track the status of your Simplex Cryptocurrency purchase please check your email for the order ID provided by Simplex and head to to find out the details of your status.