Once the Ethos Universal Wallet Update 1.5.2 is pushed out to all users,your app will require an upgrade before accessing your account. This is a forced upgrade.

Update Screen Bug

If you are on the lock screen, with the prompt to update your app,the button to “Update your Universal Wallet in the App Store,” is currently inactive. This will minor bug will be fixed with update 1.5.2, once your app is updated manually. 

Be aware that if you click that button, it won’t redirect you, but don’t worry, just visit the app store  to update the app and you’ll be all set. You’ll be able to log-back in and access your account. All funds are completely safe during this process. 

Updating the App

Once  you upgrade your app, if you have an active SmartWallet and have generated a 24-word key phrase, your Secure Hash will be created automatically in the back end of the app. Read more about Secure Hash here

You can always find the Secure Hash information in your “Privacy and Security Settings.” 

Simply,log back into the app using your account information and your 24-word phrase, and you will have access to the latest version of the Universal Wallet. It’s that easy!