In this article, we explain our latest added feature to the Ethos Universal Wallet, Secure Hash. We will outline the benefits of Secure Hash.  We will implement this new feature  in the next build  upgrade process. 

Secure Hash will be automatically generated upon our next update, linked to every account upon re-logging in to their device and forever generated and stored.

What is Ethos Secure Hash?

Upon creating your SmartWallet you are given a 24-word recovery phrase,which is connected to your account. 

Ethos Secure Hash is a safe way to ensure that the 24-word key stored securely on your device is always compatible with the public key stored on Ethos Bedrock. It can confirm that the deposit addresses generated by Bedrock with the public key is compatible with your private SmartKey.

This ensures your account is secure, providing an integrity check, while giving our customer service a way to cross-verify your account without transferring or revealing the information of your private key or 24-word key recovery phrase. 

Your account information stays safe, while giving us a way to ensure our users always have access to their account. 

How Does Secure Hash Work?

When a user creates a Smart Key, there is a public and private key generated. The private key is the 24-words, the public key is what we call the extended public key because it can generate your deposit addresses for all your wallets in the HD derivation paths.

Before,we used the extended public key to tie a user to their account in Bedrock. We never store private keys. But the problem is that the extended public key used to be blind and out of reach to the user, as well as it being difficult to validate between user and bedrock.

With Secure Hash, now we take a unique hash of the extended public key, readily make this information available on the app for the user, and save that hash on Bedrock, so that the association between a user and their account is confirmed, therefore creating a holistic integrity check. 

Summaryof the Benefits of SecureHash

  • Added Security for Ethos Users
  • Added Ease of User Experience in the Universal Wallet
  • Secure Hash forever stored in your User & Privacy Settings
  • Universal Wallet users can use Secure Hash for Customer Support without offering up your Private Key or sensitive account information.
  • Secure Hash ensures there is never a discrepancy between your 24-word key phrase and extended public key.
  • Ensures easy account recovery if data is lost and ensures your funds are always safe in the Ethos Universal Wallet.