After using the BIP39 tool to extract your private keys you can use the following instructions to access your Dash tokens:

Once you have exported your private keys using BIP39 tool  you should get a list of addresses and keys. Please copy the Private key from the box where you can find your Dash address with your holdings.

Your Private Key needs to be converted into WIF format first. To do this go to and click on Wallet Details, paste your Private Key and click on View Details.

As result you should see your DASH address on the right under ''Dash Address Compressed''. Your WIF key is also on the right side under ''Private Key WIF Compressed''. Copy this key since you will need this for your Dash Electrum wallet.

Now that you have your Private Key ready in the right format you can download the Dash Electrum wallet for your system and install the app. After installation open the app to start the Install Wizard, give your wallet a name and click on Next.

After naming your wallet a pop up will appear where you need to select: "Import Dash addresses or private keys".

The next pop up is where you need to paste the Private Key in WIF (what you copied in the beginning). Click on next after pasting your WIF private key.

You now need to choose a password for your wallet. 

After clicking on next you have finished the process and you will have access to your DASH tokens.