In version 1.5 Ethos Status is introduced in the form of voting power for the user. With Ethos Status the amount of Ethos a user holds will grant the user certain benefits. To read more in detail about these features visit this link

Ethos Status:

The different tiers depending on how many Ethos Tokens you hold.

Disable visibility of your Ethos Status

If you do not wish to share your Ethos Status to the community, you can disable the visibility of your status by turning this feature of in the user profile settings.


Version 1.5 adds the feature Coin Reviews, which will let users share their thoughts in a review on any coin available in the Universal Wallet. These reviews can be up- and down-voted. Ethos Status will grant more voting power to users with a higher tier status. 

To add a review

Go to the coin profile -> Submit a Review -> Share Your Thoughts

To up- or down-vote a review

Choose a review -> press on thumbs up or thumbs down