Your SmartKey grants you full custody of your assets and we can't stress enough to always keep your SmartKey some place safe. 

If you just found out that you have lost your 24- words SmartKey and your SmartKey is still on your phone. You can do the following:

- Move your all your funds out of your account to other wallet(s)

- Go to settings -> change username to something else

- Go to settings -> change email to something else

- Log out of the app and sign up to create a new account with your orginal account details

- Generate a new SmartKey and create your wallet(s)

- Move your funds back to your wallet. 

If you lose your phone or somehow delete your SmartKey from your phone and you can't find your SmartKey, you have lost your funds and there is nothing we can do to help you. We do not keep a copy of your SmartKey because we believe in self custody.