Click here for instructions on how to send and receive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with your Ethos Universal Wallet (UW) and click here for additional support material for getting started! If you are already familiar but just need a refresher, it breaks down to:


1. Create a SmartWallet in the Ethos UW

2. Generate a bitcoin address in your SmartWallet by simply tapping Add Coin and selecting BTC.

3. Tap on Send/Receive in the lower right corner, tap BTC in the wallet you wish to send the coins to, and select Receive.

4. Tap Copy & Share and you can then paste the address into the recipient address line if you are using another phone application. You can also send this public address to your computer via text or email.


Below are instructions outlining how to send BTC using the Coinbase Website.

1. Navigate to the Accounts link on the main navigation bar

2. Select the Send button for the digital currency wallet that you'd like to send from

3. On the send dialog, select Wallet Address  and enter the BTC address you copied from your Universal Wallet

4. Enter the amount of BTC you'd like to send in the Amount field. Alternatively, you can specify the amount you would like to send in your local 

currency. Note that the funds will always be sent as BTC, not your local currency

5. Click Continue

6. Confirm the details of the transaction and complete the send

For instructions on how to send assets from Coinbase on iOS or Android, click here

For additional questions or support needs specific to the Coinbase application, please visit