1. Visit https://nectar.community/#/listings where you can submit your vote.

  • Login to your metamask and click "Connect Wallet" in bottom right to view available tokens to vote

2. If you don't have any EVT (Ethfinex Voting Token) then you will first need to purchase some at https://www.ethfinex.com/. 

  • Note: EVT is only paired with USD. If you do not have USD on Ethfinex, you can exchange ETH or BTC for USD

3. Once you have your EVT you need to send them to a MetaMask, Ledger or Keystore address (whichever you prefer)

  • Note: You need ETH to cover gas fees on Metamask

4. Login to your Metamask and refresh the voting page. Once your tokens arrive in your wallet your token balance will be displayed and you will be able to click "Vote"

5. Submit your vote by sending predefined transaction. (all your EVT tokens will be taken and 1EVT= 1 Vote, so that means if you have 1,000 EVT you will contribute 1,000 Votes!)