1. Reduce costs for consumers for crypto-related transactions.
    1. The blockchain allows for the first time a completely open financial ecosystem that has no prerequisites for participation. There are no intermediaries which removes a lot of barriers and costs. The removal of intermediaries lessens the cost on the consumer. The Ethos token is designed to match consumers to transactions for the lowest possible cost.
  2. Enable low-cost blockchain applications for developers.
    1.  The Ethos token provides prorated access to the Bedrock API. By enabling pro-rated access to an API, there are no over or under charges to developers, and participants in the Ethos Ecosystem can get exactly what they are entitled to.
  3. Create a scalable micropayment transfer mechanism for all platform services.
    1. ERC20 enables us to fully utilize the security and scalability of a tried and tested blockchain (Ethereum) while at the same time providing a unique digital commodity to power an ecosystem. By using an near infinitely subdividable digital asset along with a micropayment transfer mechanism, any person in the world can be able to send micropayments securely and safely.
  4. Support an open financial ecosystem that bridges traditional and crypto assets.
    1. A huge part of our mission is making the financial ecosystem accessible and connected for consumers and institutions. Bridging the gap between traditional and crypto is an important part of this mission for Ethos. 
  5. Enable verified source of funds and identity for transactions through the Ethos ecosystem.
    1. A major source of headaches for regulators is the perception that cryptocurrency can be used for money laundering, terrorist financing, drug transactions and the like. The blockchain is often more transparent than the existing fiat financial ecosystem, and can be used to create a safe and clean digital financial ecosystem. Ethos is building standards that will help people stay on the “light side” with crypto and power all the transformative possibilities that crypto promises while at the same time maintaining the integrity of a clean financial system. This includes identity for all Ethos participants. Instead of sending funds to an anonymous address, Ethos users can link identity to funds. We see this starting with a “DNS-like” Wallet domain marketplace powered by the ETHOS token that enables verified users the ability to leverage the plethora of capabilities that are available in the crypto world. Users can register a unique wallet handle, much like a web domain, that will make it easy to receive funds of any kind through the Ethos Ecosystem.