What if someone steals my phone? What if I drop it in the toilet? 

These are common questions and valid concerns! But rest assured, your Smart Keys will be protected by a PIN + biometric data (optional) and stored in the cryptographic section of the phone. 

Okay, so my keys are safe... but I dropped my phone into the toilet and then it was stolen! Is my wallet gone forever? No! When you first create your wallet you are given a 24-word phrase, your Smart Key. It is the responsibility of the wallet holder to document the Smart Key words and store that in a safe place, this is made clear to the customer when they first create their wallet. If your phone dies or disappears, you can easily regenerate your wallet and private keys on a new device by using the seed! 

Any cyber attacks on Ethos the company will have no impact on the security of your coins, as Ethos does not hold or have access to your crypto! Write down your seed, password, and any other relevant information and store in a secure location that only you have access to. 

You can easily restore your wallet on a new device with your Smart Key.

The Ethos app on your missing device, in addition to being protected by your phone's lock-screen pin, will also be protected by the pin you set for your Universal Wallet and bio-metric data (optional). Additionally, iPhone and Android devices allow you to remotely delete data when a device is lost or stolen.